Quinn Popcorn was started with a very simple mission. We wanted to clean up a classic snack. We dove in head first.

The idea is simple, but making it real was anything but easy. The thing is, once we got going we had to see it through. We hit every road block imaginable. Along the way we also had our eyes opened to the food system and the incredible changes taking place.

We are not activists. We don’t eat the right food all the time. We are, however, blown away by all the crap that gets thrown into the food we buy. Most of the time it’s completely needless. While begging suppliers to pull it out we constantly got the answer, that’s just how it’s done.

The good news is that we are not alone. This journey has also illuminated the many who have been working to clean up food for years.

We found companies that won’t sell out or sacrifice their integrity. They continually work to create the best food possible. Many were just like us; just starting out but determined to do things differently.

For us, it’s just incredible to be a part of this rising tide, to be one of many companies working together toward a common goal of cleaning up our food!